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Veteran's Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park - Jameson Tidwell Playing TapsOn November 11, 2018, Lago Vista residents gathered together for the re-dedication of the Lago Vista Veterans' Memorial Park.

Lago Vista’s Veterans Memorial Park, located at the corner of Dawn Drive and Thunderbird Street near City Hall, was originally established in 1999 and the names of donors for that first park are in those bricks.  A gazebo was later added in 2002.  But recently it was identified that there was no place to actually record the names of veterans that may have lived in Lago Vista or been associated with someone that wished to honor a veteran.  Former Councilman Dick Bohn was the main proponent of achieving that.  So the idea of establishing that feature to have engraved bricks of veterans led to a total refurbishing of the park.  The refurbished park contains a new 5-pointed star gazebo with flags of the 5 branches of service.   The Path Of Honor containing the names of veterans is guarded by 5 granite soldiers (one from each branch of service).  And this setting is under the ever-vigilant watch of a great Bald Eagle - a sculpture by artist, Marley Porter, titled Axis of Freedom.  

More than 400 residents attended the sobering event. Special recognition was made for all service members (and surviving spouses) who are or were the recipients of the following: Medal of Honor, Prisoner of War, and Purple Heart. A special recognition service was given for veterans of the Vietman War, as the re-dedication ceremony was held on the 50th Anniversary of this war.

Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day which honored the armed forces at the end of World War I when peace was achieved on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.  In 1954 it was changed to Veterans Day.  We honor all veterans on this day annually for the sacrifices that they have made to protect our freedom.  For those veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, we also honor them on Memorial Day.

Lago Vista was developed as a community in this beautiful area of the Texas Hill Country,  and has attracted a considerable number of veterans after their active duty or retirement from other employment.  That is part of the heritage of our community.  So many of the veterans have been part of the many organizations (civic, service, churches, etc.) that helped build Lago Vista over the last 5 decades.  

We applaud the tireless efforts of all veterans as well as their families and loved ones. family members of veterans.  We also thank the City Council that embraced the need to honor our veterans by funding this project in the CIP for 2016-2017 to refurbish the park.  And thank the City Managers (Melissa Vossmer and Kenneth Renneau), and City staff who assisted often in bringing this to fruition. And, of most importance, we thank the organizations and individuals listed on the back of the program for their generous support of the new Veterans Memorial Park.  As usual, the betterment of Lago Vista cannot be accomplished without the aid of our citizens.

God Bless America.



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