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Lago Vista Police Department Issues Statement

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June 9, 2021

Lago Vista, TX - The following information is being provided with the intent to relieve public concerns and provide some facts regarding the incident on Bluejay Boulevard.  This was not a straightforward dog event, but rather a fluid event requiring multiple Law Enforcement personnel and a considerable amount of time and effort.

On Friday, the June 4, 2021, at 8:10 p.m. Officers, Detectives and Supervisors of the Lago Vista Police Department responded to several 911 calls on Bluejay Boulevard by persons not directly involved. After better understanding the incident, more than six hours of documentation and action was required by various members of the Department.     

Department personnel learned that the resident and her daughter picked up two loose dogs, which they reported were “friendly and sweet.” She took these dogs to her own residence and placed them behind her backyard fence. Social media was used to post that she had the dogs. Unfortunately, a fight later began between the resident’s dogs and the two dogs that had been loose. The resident intervened in the fight to retrieve her dogs and was subsequently injured in the process. This injury is believed to be consistent with a dog bite.

Further efforts by the Police Department continued the following day where Detectives consulted with two prosecuting attorneys from separate courts having jurisdiction.  Because there was no “Unprovoked Attack” on a person, applicable referrals were made to the Lago Vista Municipal Court. The owners of the dogs were directed to quarantine protocols for each dog in accordance with state law and City Ordinance.

Informational note: All Officers of the Lago Vista Police Department serve as agents for the Lago Vista Animal Control Program. Citations are regularly issued in accordance with the long standing “Zero Tolerance” Department policy. Furthermore, it is recommended that members of the public contact the Police Department when dogs are observed at large in the city.

Troy Schofield
Sergeant Major of Police
Lago Vista Police Department        

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