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One and Two-Family Residences

General Information

The City of Lago Vista has designed this page to provide you with general information.  It is not intended to replace the Code of Ordinance.  Please refer to the City of Lago Vista Code of Ordinance for more detailed information.

The administrative assistants are availalbe during our normal business hours.  The Building Official is available by telephone or prior appointment.  His availability is limited in accordance with his field duties.  As such, he is most likely to be available near the beginning of normal business hours, near noon and toward the end of our normal business hours. 

Inspection requests are to be scheduled at least one business day prior to the actual inspection date.  For example, if you are requesting an inspection for Tuesday, please make your request no later than 4:30 PM on Monday.  Inspections scheduled for Friday will be conducted by a contract vendor.   The project must be ready to inspect when the Building Inspector arrives. If a site requires a re-inspection, a fee will be assessed in accordance with the City of Lago Vista fee schedule.   

Inspections must be requested as a Number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 with each component of that number ready to be inspected (New Construction Homes). Inspections must be called in by the Contractor or Homeowner (if applicable). A form survey must be furnished before any foundation inspection can be scheduled. More detailed explanation of the required inspections are listed in the Code of Ordinances and the applicable Building Codes.  Inspection requests may be faxed, emailed, called or scheduled through My Government Online.

Driveway, Yard Lines, Temporary Power, Grinder Pump, Mechanical Power & Driveway are considered special inspections and may be requested as stand-alone inspections.

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