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The Lago Vista Municipal Court dockets are in-person.  E-hearings must be requested one week prior to scheduled court docket and approved by the Judge. 

E-Court Courtrooms function is the same as Actual Courtrooms

Please adhere to the following Rule of Court Conduct and Decorum:

Failure to follow these guidelines will prompt the Court to remove the Defendant from the virtual courtroom until compliance is achieved.

Everyone enters the virtual courtroom on mute. When it is your turn to be addressed the clerk will remove the mute feature.

  • Proper clothing strictly enforced. Inappropriate attire will not be permitted. Dress code is the same as if you were appearing in-person in the courtroom.
  • Avoid background noise- Ensure your environment in conducive to attend virtually.
  • Avoid distractions- Turn off and put away all distractions so your full attention is given to the proceedings (i.e. texting, social media, driving)
  • You are not allowed to record these proceedings.
  • Proper respect for the Court process shall always be adhered to.

Requirements to Appear via E-Court, you MUST have:

  • A device capable of accessing an internet connection (PC, MAC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.).
  • A fast and stable internet connection
  • A webcam attached to your device and a built-in mic that will allow you to talk to the Judge. Your device must also have speakers attached or built-in that will allow you to hear what the judge is saying to you.
  • A working email address because you will need to receive and send documents for the Judge’s review.
  • You will need access to a phone during the proceedings in case we need to contact you by phone.

When the court calls your case, you need to announce one of the following:

  1. You believe you are entitled to a compliance dismissal.
  2. Request to take the driving safety course.
  3. Plead guilty or no contest and pay the fine/request a payment plan.
  4. Speak with the prosecutor to try and resolve the case.
  5. Plead not guilty and set the case for jury or bench trial.