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Airport Advisory Board

The Airport Advisory Board was created to accomplish the following:

  1. Identify needs and to advise the City Council of their short-range and long-range implications for the total development of the Airport
  2. Recommend achievable goals as a basis for long-range planning and development programs of the Airport
  3. Recommend plans, programs, policies, and priorities that will aid the Airport in achieving its defined goals.

MemberTitleMembershipTerm Expires
Laurie Dick   Regular January 2022
Lynda Aird  Secretary Regular January 2021
Andy White   Regular January 2021
Glenn Chiappe  Chair Regular January 2022
James Awalt   Regular January 2022
James E. Peck  Vice-Chair Regular January 2022
Michael Miskie   Regular January 2021
Frank Robbins Council Liaison    

(meets as needed)

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