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Golf Course Advisory Committee

  1. The committee shall act in an advisory capacity only, and shall have no power to bind the City by contract or otherwise; authorize any expenditures out of the City's budget; hire, appoint or terminate staff; interfere with administrative or personnel affairs; nor create any other obligation on the part of the City.
  2. It shall be the function of the committee to advise the city council concerning the operation, marketing, policies, and programs of the city's municipal golf courses.
  3. The committee shall make a semi-annual report to the city council on the status of the golf courses in December and June and shall include in the report a summary of its activities for the past six months and proposed program for the next six months.

 Member  Title  Term Expires
 Chip Hamilton  Chairperson January 2022
 Maja Linderman   January 2022
 Tom Voth   January, 2021 
 Laurie Dick   January, 2021
 Michael Arms   January, 2022
 Jackie Goodwin   January, 2022
 David Frazza   January, 2021
 Dick Weatherly  Council Liaison  
(Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.)
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