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Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning & Zoning Commission is created to accomplish the following purposes: 

  1. Act as an advisory board to the City Council with respect to the planning, use, and development of land and related matters as provided by ordinance.
  2. Recommend a comprehensive plan for land use and the physical development of the City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
  3. Recommend zoning, subdivision and other land use and development ordinances consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.
  4. Recommend the zoning and rezoning of land, amendments to the zoning map, and the land use and services planning map for the extraterritorial jurisdiction that coincides with the Comprehensive Plan.
  5. Study and consider approval or disapproval of proposed subdivision plats and plans to ensure conformance with subdivision and development ordinances; provided that the City Council may provide for administrative approval of short form plats.
  6. Recommend to the Council changes in the current Comprehensive Plan for the City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
  7. Recommend to the Council any changes deemed necessary in ordinances regulating the zoning and development of the City or its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
  8. Consider capital improvement plans and programs and annexation plans in connection with the Comprehensive Plan.
  9. Act as the Airport Zoning Commission under Tex. Local Govt. Code, Ann., section 241.
  10. Performs any other planning and development related functions as required by State law or requested by the City Council. 
MemberTitleMembershipTerm Expires
Charles Salomon   Regular January 2022
Thomas "Tom" Monahan  Vice-Chair Regular January 2021
Gary Zaleski  Chair Regular January 2022
Larry Hagler   Regular January 2022
Paul Prince   Regular January 2022
Richard Brown   Regular January 2021
Andy White   Regular January 2021
David Williams City Council Liaison    

(meet 2nd Thursday of every month 7:00 pm)

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